Cooper Mountain Research

Experience & Skills of Cooper Mountain Research
Benefits to Client
20+ Years of International Hi-Tech Management/Exec. Experience
  • Fill Temporary Staffing Roles for key management positions
  • Outside Independent Evaluation of Organizational Effectiveness
  • Organizational Culture & Infrastructure improvement
  • Program Objective/Sched. Risk Assessment & Mitigation resulting in shorter, more robust and predictable development cycles
  • Extensive Experience in High Technology Product Development
  • Independent evaluation or “Sanity Check“ on existing technology approaches and strategy
  • Identification of Technology Gaps, and Opportunities
  • Rapid Evaluation of & Access to external leveraging resources (Univ., R&D Centers, Gov’t Orgs., other companies.)
  • Improvements in infrastructure tools (Instrumentation, testing procedures, rapid prototyping.)
  • Identification and capture of value added intellectual property.
  • Identification of new materials & processes
  • Shorter time-to-market with more robust products
  • Experience in Global Technology Infrastructure and Business Culture
  • Identification and Access to International Centers of Excellence in High Tech R&D.
  • Leveraging of Global R&D with Foreign Gov't R&D Programs
  • More effective Interactions with Global Customers
  • Presentation of a more customer-oriented image in International Markets
  • Help in recruitment of International scientists and engineers.
  • Strategic alliances with Globally Extended Accounts
  • Experience in Formulating, Marketing and Managing Externally-Funded R&D programs
  • Use of external (e.g. Government) funds to leverage company R&D funds.
  • Strategic programs with key customers.
  • More effective targeted proposals with a higher capture ratio.
  • Help in complying with government program requirements.

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