Cooper Mountain Research

 Paul R. Newman Ph.D.-President

Dr. Newman has over 22 years of senior management experience in high-technology companies such as Rockwell International Corporation, JBL Professional and Electro Scientific Industries.  His formal training in solid state physics has enabled him to make a number of significant technical contributions to these companies as evidenced by his 43 technical publications and his 4 US patents. 

Over the years, his technical career evolved into one of positions of increasing management responsibility, strategic planning, and finally responsibility at the executive level.  At Rockwell, Dr. Newman was promoted from Member of the Technical Staff to Group Manager, to Principal Scientist where he functioned as an internal consultant connecting the resources of the Corporate R&D Lab to the needs of the Operating Divisions.  At JBL Professional, Dr. Newman was Vice President of R&D, and was responsible for launching over 30 new products, reducing product development cycle time and improving overall product quality.  He was the Director of Applied Technology for Electro Scientific Industries; a position that gave him responsibility for planning both long and short term strategic R&D for the company. 

Dr. Newman obtained his BS degree in physics from Antioch College, his Doctorate from Michigan State University, and did Post Doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Laboratory for the Research on the Structure of Matter.

A more formal resume can be found here.

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